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The Savvy Servant primarily serves founders who are new to the nonprofit industry---five years or less.  Aspiring nonprofit founders are required to take the FREE 3-hour nonprofit development training prior to services.  


In addition, The Savvy Servant serves well-established nonprofit organizations (community-based and faith-based) and government agencies on a project-by-project basis, with services not limited to organizational developmentboard development, strategic planning, capacity building, program developmentfundraising, outreach, public relations, and marketing.

The Savvy Servant LLC is a NC HUB-certified small minority, woman-owned business based in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

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The Savvy Servant's mission is to provide training, coaching, mentoring, resources and expert advice to nonprofit founders, so that they can build organizations that can secure major funding to effectively impact communities and change lives.


  • Nonprofit Organizational Development

  • Positioning and Branding

  • Core Messaging and Storytelling

  • Program and Service Development

  • Audience Targeting

  • Platform and Profile Development

  • Media Relations (Digital and Traditional)

  • Email Marketing

  • 501(c)(3) Filing Assistance

  • Grant Proposal Review and Fundraising

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