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Let me help position you in today's digital space and turn your vision into a LUCRATIVE reality!

Re-Opening June 2022

Imagine serving and impacting people without worrying about how YOU and YOUR FAMILY needs will be met?

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Jill Helped Us Build a 7-Figure Organization!!!

"We started working with Jill in 2012 to help us start our nonprofit.  Our vision was to help pregnant teens and young, single moms gain self-sufficiency.  We were set on opening a group home to house them.  However, Jill challenged us.  The reality was that we had no money.  Just a vision.  We had no plan.  Just a desire to help those who shared our story. And, we darn sure didn't have a group home.  

We met with Jill weekly to build our dream.  Jill helped us develop a strategy that would keep our vision.  But, she challenged us to see the immediate need and serve it in the best way to generate revenue.  With Jill's expertise our vision became more and more real.  


Today, 10 years later, we are still taking Jill's advice.  Our mission-driven venture, which includes a nonprofit and for-profit, is a staple in the community serving low income families.  Currently, we have close to 30 employees.  Our 2022 goal is to employ 100!  We are also in the process of expanding into our SECOND location." 


   --- Priscilla Ofosu, Co-Founder/Executive Director, Lean On Us Unity

Joining a community of like-minded and mission-driven entrepreneurs is one of the most strategic business decisions you can make.


What's Included?

  • Exclusive Group Coaching with Jill Morris

  • Accelerated Growth

  • Strategic Planning and Guidance

  • Accountability

  • Networking

  • Development Assistance

  • Q&A Feedback

  • Weekly Group Meeting


  • Wednesdays - 7p-8p and Saturdays - 9a-10a