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In the last 12 months I have helped close to 200 purpose-driven individuals build faith-based and community-based nonprofit organizations from their homes.  Many are now 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations that are employing staff........ 


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How to Start Your Charitable Nonprofit to Serve Purpose 


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What you will learn.....

Nonprofit Industry 101:  An overview of the nonprofit industry, key terms, how nonprofits are compensated, and why the industry is so successful.
Strategic Planning:  The proven, systematic plan used by many nonprofit leaders who launched their nonprofits with very little out-of-pocket start-up costs.  This plan has saved not just money, but time and effort.

Branding and Positioning:  The strategy that servant leaders like T.D. Jakes, Colin Kapernick, and The Obamas are using to impact globally on a FULL-TIME basis.

Board Development:  How to seek and secure individuals to serve on your board of directors.  Individuals who can offer business savvy that will help make your vision a reality.
Legal Structuring:  How to file a nonprofit business with your state, compliance with the IRS, as well as how to secure your nonprofit as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
Organizational Development:  How to develop a sustainable BUSINESS and develop savvy business practices that will give you the option to work your nonprofit with a full-time salary. 

Program Development:  How to create programs that are sought-after with creative twists that will stand out from other organizations.   
Fundraising:  How to diversify your funding sources, properly manage nonprofit revenue, secure ongoing funding support, where to seek grants, and the secrets to writing a million dollar grant proposal!!

PR/Outreach:  How to secure local news coverage, event sponsors, and how to develop relationships with movers and shakers in your area.  

You will also get the following tools.....

  • Strategic Plan Template

  • Business Plan Sample-Template

  • Board Member Invitation Letter Template

  • Board Member Application Template

  • Board Member Commitment Statement Template

  • Board Officers and Committee Chair Duties Template

  • Board Meeting Agenda Sample

  • Bylaws Template

  • Founder's Guiding Principles/Core Values Sample

  • IRS Form 1023 Application (501c3)

  • Employee Identification Number Application (EIN)

  • Dissolution Plan

  • Organization Overview Sample

  • Policy Template (w/Sample Conflict of Interest Policy)

  • Prospective Volunteer Letter

  • Volunteer Application

  • Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability

  • Confidentiality Agreement Template

  • Authorization for Criminal Background Check Sample

  • Program Planner

  • Program Process Guide

  • Community Needs Assessment Sample

  • Fundraising Plan Template

  • Budget Projections Template

  • Nonprofit Balance Sheet Sample

  • Social Media Guide

  • Media Consent and Release Template

  • Press Release Sample

  • Public Service Announcement Sample

  • List of Non-Traditional Holidays and Observances

  • List of State Charitable Officials

  • Sample Memo of Understanding (MOU)

  • Sample Letter to Local Government Officials

  • Sample Pitch Email to Local Media

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Client Testimonials


"We were referred to Jill in 2012.  We had a vision to give back to pregnant teens and young moms since we were both young, single moms at one time.  At the initial meeting Jill explained her approach in turning an idea into an actionable mission.  She taught us how to strategically plan and execute creating our brand, developing a kick-butt board, developing unique programs that are needed in the area we wanted to serve, establishing lucrative partnerships, and securing funding.  Shortly after we formed our nonprofit we applied and received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, which allowed us to establish a partnership with Fairfax County Public Schools.  Since our launch almost 10 years ago our nonprofit, Lean On Us Unity, has spiraled into a multi-million dollar empire.  In addition to all of the things we are still gleaning from Jill, we are a well-established venture that started with an IDEA.  Jill is the best out there when it comes to developing nonprofits!!"  

--Priscilla Ofosu, Co-Founder/Executive Director, Lean On Us Unity


"A vacation to Jamaica CHANGED MY LIFE.  I thought I was going there to do self-care, but ended up finding MY PURPOSE.  Just a few blocks from my resort I discovered so many people in basic need of FOOD.  I started by giving a couple of dollars, but then returned home to Atlanta with a heavy desire to give in a bigger way.  I started a nonprofit, but wasn't sure what I was doing.  I came across Jill on Instagram.  I followed her for a while and listened to her LIVES, then I signed up for her ecourse.  She helped me structure my nonprofit and connect all of the dots.  Since taking her course I consult with her regularly.  I love her drive and energy, and all of her creative ideas."    

-- K.Winns, Founder, Impact Jamaica


"I have a full-time career and I am a full-time owner of a franchise boxing training facility, but I naturally LOVE helping people.  The vision of helping people kept pressing on me, but I didn't really know how I wanted to help.  Then I thought that it would be good to share my financial management experiences on how I started with poor spending habits to now being a successful entrepreneur.  I still didn't know how to start.  I prayed and I came across Jill on Instagram.  I signed up for her LIVE ecourse and within 30 days I had my nonprofit up and running.  Jill has taught me so much.  She knows the nonprofit world.

I am grateful to God for sending her my way."    

-- Taylur Avery, Founder, Financial Literacy for People of Color (FLPOC)

Whitney Jones.jpg

“ I created a nonprofit in memory of my father, Robert K. Jones, who lost his life to gun violence back in 1998.   It wasn't until I visited the woman who took my father's life in prison that I was able to forgive.  I felt liberated and free to honor his life.  I took Jill’s course a couple of months ago & it was absolutely phenomenal!! I learned a lot about strategic planning, fundraising & program development. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to start a nonprofit organization!”."    

-- Whitney Jones, Founder/CEO, Robert K. Jones Foundation


"I am Shelby Hicks and in my second year at the illustrious Hampton University.  My classmate, Kaitlyn, and I are the co-founders of a nonprofit called Inclusivity Inc.  Inclusivity was birthed as a result of my former basketball coach committing suicide without any signs of unhappiness.  Its our mission to educate the community on social, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health, and to provide a safe space to talk.  We had a vision, but were referred to Ms. Jill in 2020 to help turn our vision into a nonprofit. From Ms. Jill's IG Lives every morning, as well as her Instagram page and success stories we realized we needed to contact her. I reached out to her on DM and as soon as she responded her vibe was amazing! She recommended that we register for her ecourse.  The course provided us with everything we needed to know PLUS MORE. She met with us one-on-one, allowed us to ask questions, and gave us advice. One thing about Ms. Jill is that she's going to tell you what she thinks and she's going to be honest about it. January 11, 2021 Inclusivity became an official nonprofit!!! We are forever grateful for Ms. Jill."    

-- Shelby Hicks, Co-Founder, Inclusivity Inc.

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Meet Jill M. Morris, Your Instructor


Jill Morris is a PURPOSEPRENEUR with a moral compass.  With over 25 years of experience as a public relations practitioner in the public sector, Jill has managed communication projects from every aspect of the nonprofit industry---from grassroots organizations and professional associations to higher education and the Federal government.  This multi-faceted experience has positioned Jill as an expert in cause-related marketing and nonprofit development and management.  In her role as principal of The Savvy Servant LLC, Jill provides nonprofit business consulting for servant leaders and visionaries who are on missions to change communities and transform lives.

Prior to starting her consulting business Jill served as a program manager for the Administration for Children and Families within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in Washington, DC.  As a program manager, Jill developed a multi-million-dollar family enrichment program under a new Healthy Families initiative that included, but was not limited to, drafting policies and procedures, providing management and oversight to nonprofit grantees funded under the program, and representing the program at hearings on Capitol Hill. Jill also served as a grant proposal panel reviewer and facilitator making recommendations to approve/decline grant funding requests for various programs in the department.​​​​​​

Over the years, in addition to managing nonprofit projects under the Federal government, Jill has held public relations positions at some of the nation’s most relied upon nonprofit organizations including the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), The TLPJ Foundation, and; The Kennedy Foundation where she served as special assistant/press secretary to the late Honorable Eunice Kennedy Shriver.  

Jill holds a Master of Science in Administration (M.S.A.) degree with a focus on Nonprofit Management from Trinity University and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Communication/Public Relations from Bowie State University.

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