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Jill M. Morris,  Nonprofit Development Expert

Your prayers have been answered.

I remember that feeling of excelling in my profession of helping others build nonprofit businesses on social media, but knowing deep down inside that God had called me into ministry to spread the Gospel.  If this is you, let me share with you how I made a faith move--now impacting thousands for the kingdom. 

If you're looking for a sign THIS IS IT!!

only $27!!

Who is this webinar for:

  • For anyone who has a ministry that is currently active on social media, but the response is low.

  • For anyone who has an existing ministry, but not sure how to launch on social media.

  • For anyone who is preparing for ministry and believe they are called to the marketplace.

  • For anyone who has a church and you're currently streaming your services on social media.

What you will learn.....

  • One of the biggest mistakes ministries are making that is causing blocks and limitations.

  • How to legally structure your ministry, so that you're not limited.

  • How to position your ministry to be financially lucrative, according to Deuteronomy 28.

  • How to apply one of the most overlooked biblical strategies to building and rebuilding your ministry according to God's plan.

  • The six-step approach that will position you for impact.

Added Bonus.....

I am sharing my personal testimony and step-by-step details of how my husband and I launched our ministry two years ago by making ONE simple faith move. 


"Please go follow Jill on IG. We came to her with a vision to serve and she helped us turn it into a 7-figure empire.  Be prepared to be stretched."

--Priscilla Ofosu, Co-Founder, Lean On Us Unity (Maryland)

Who is Jill M. Smith?


Jill Morris Smith is a PURPOSEPRENEUR with a moral compass.  With over 25 years of experience as an internal and external relations professional in the public sector, Jill has led initiatives from every aspect of the sector---from grassroots organizations and professional associations to mega-ministries and the Federal government.  This multi-faceted experience has positioned Jill as an expert in nonprofit organizational management.  In her role as Chief Executive Officer of The Savvy Servant LLC, Jill helps aspiring servant leaders develop their mission-driven ventures by utilizing her spiritual gifts of administration and knowledge to equip those who are commissioned by God to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ on social media. In addition, Jill serves in ministry alongside her husband, Terence.  They fellowship at Spirit and Truth United Church of Worship in Charlotte, NC.

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