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After the Process.....FINALLY!

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Entering into 2019 has been soooo exciting. And, ahhhh-mazing.

My sister and niece were in town to bring in the New Year with me, so we decided to attend one of my sister's associates church for Watch Night service. The message was.... "The Year of the Flood", which confirmed EVERYTHING I've been feeling and stating over the last few months.

For me, 2019 feels very personal. I can feel a flood of good, new changes about to be flooding in for me.

Can you feel it?

Since I missed going to my church on New Year's Eve, I made sure I was in the building for the first Sunday of the New Year.

My pastor preached a message entitled, "After the Process.....Finally!" He took it from the story of Hannah in the Bible. If you aren't familiar with the story, let me summarize it for you.

Hannah was married to a man named Elkanah. Though they were married they did not have any children because Hannah was barren. Elkanah also had another wife named Penninah who had many children by Elkanah. They all lived together. Of course, seeing Elkanah interact with Penninah and their children saddened Hannah. She really wanted a child.

Daily, Penninah would throw shade at Hannah boasting about her ability to conceive and have children. Hannah was so distraught. It got so bad that Hannah went to the temple and cried out to God, "LORD, PLEASE GIVE ME A CHILD!!!!"

I've studied the story of Hannah many times. Each time I hear it, it moves me in a profound way.

Hearing it this time made me think about my business. In 2018, I was really able to get my business back on the right track and see growth.

Is your business venture, or the thing God has called you to do, barren? Does it seem like the more you try to get your thing up and running it still doesn't produce what you desire?

I get it.

I'm sure the "grinders" throughout social media remind you that something is wrong with you. It's like they got the Penninah spirit---boasting about the success of their ventures because they're doing X, Y, and Z and you're not.

Trust me. I know.

I quit my good government job in 2010 to work my business full-time. For years, I listened to my biz associates boast about making thousands of dollars per month, while I struggled to make ends meet---even being forced to return back to a full-time job.

One day I got desperate. Just as Hannah did......I cried out to God. And, He answered back.

Daily, I'm learning that EVERYTHING concerning Him is a process. Trying to run my business without God's hand has caused me to fall on my face and back to ground zero on more than enough occasions.

Spoiler alert.....God heard Hannah's cry and gave her a son that she named, Samuel. However, even though the child was granted it did not prevent the process Hannah had to endure.

What is the process?

I imagine that the process is different for each person depending on what God is trying to prune in each of our lives. However, comparing Hannah to my process, here's what I gather.

1. You have to first know (normally through blood, sweat, and tears) that what you're trying to do ain't humanly easy. It's a hurdle. And, it comes with a sacrifice because the enemy wants to stop it. If the plan is for you to impact prepared for a fight. And know, you will need supernatural power to birth it.

2. You may be scorned by others or have to watch others "be blessed". If I can tell you how many people said....."you should have been a millionaire." To be transparent.... In 2012 I made a decision to ditch all of the old ways I knew how to do public relations and nonprofit management and tried to implement a digital format. It was a steep learning curve for me. It took me years to understand. Therefore, I had to hire a digital/social media coach. In the hiring process, everyone I consulted with told me something totally different---confusing the heck out of me. The enemy's goal was to confuse me to stop me. Get it?

3. You have to make a vow/promise to God. Just as Hannah vowed that she would give her child back to the Lord if He blessed her with one, I vowed that I would give my business back to God if He prospered it. Yep, EVERY penny I earn in my business I tithe. I also honor God daily by spreading His Word through my social media platforms and publicly proclaiming him with my mouth.

4. You have to seek God in how to manage your business. Hannah sought God for a child--not her husband (man). She knew that if it was to be she needed a miracle. Yep, He gives us creative abilities to write the plan, but He orders our steps. Knowing who to do business with and what strategies to put in place ain't all smarts. Most times it's direction that's dropped in your Spirit, divine revelation, and God-given partnerships.

What I love about Hannah's story is that the Bible says that WHILE SHE WAS IN THE PROCESS God answered her prayer and gave her a son. Basically, we don't have to be perfect or at a finish line for God to bless. I believe that He just wants us to get the lesson.

If you're going through the process and questioning when it will be over, I wholeheartedly understand. The good news is that I truly believe that what we prayed for is about to be birthed in 2019. Finally!!

“Go in peace. And may the God of Israel give you what you have asked of him.” --Samuel 1:17

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