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More Than Enough

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Ok, am I the only one checking my social media followers hourly thirsting for increase???? Please tell me I am not the only one. I'm just being honest. That was me. I'd fallen into the numbers game. Because that is what is being pushed as the only way to succeed in business these days.

I'm here in North Carolina. And, I've been confined to my home for the last five days while #HurricaneFlorence wreck havoc. Thank God I was not affected. I've been home chilling, bonding, reflecting, working, worshiping, and resting. In fact, the storm came as a pure blessing to me, which I dubbed as #HurricaneOverFLO.

Over the last few weeks, I have had an influx of complimentary consultation calls. Some I have taken. Others, I have missed. Not intentionally, but because sometimes life gets in the way and demands attention. However, being home allowed me to sit on the sofa with my laptop, notebook, and cell to return phone calls.

One call I returned ended up giving me a divine message (you know God can speak through anything and anybody, right). So, I received a call from a young brotha. He is located on the west coast and so when I called him it was super early for him. However, he was eager to speak with me. He told me that he found me on Instagram. He also told me about his business ventures, but had two ideas for nonprofits. Said he has a longing to give back to the youth in his community because of some of the fundamentals he missed growing up. I listened. And as I listened, I heard the cry of a Black man with a heart. So, I listened intently.

The call went on beyond the 15-minutes because I could sense in my Spirit that something was happening. So, I allowed God to have His way. Then, some information I had asked him for he didn't have available, but asked if he could call me back with it. Later that afternoon we talked again.

The second call with this guy is where things turned. As I listened to him I waited for the right timing to speak. Finally, I felt the Holy Spirit release and I told him that even though he had several other for-profit ventures that the Lord had indeed called him to serve. He listened and waited to respond. And then, he spoke. He revealed that his fiance, who is in ministry prophetically spoke the same thing to him.

When I got off the phone I had to sit for a minute. In fact, I closed down my laptop and officially ended my work day. The day's mission had been fulfilled.

See, despite how the enemy tries to make us feel inadequate and not enough it only takes ONE to make an impact. Yes, I get it. It takes more than one client to produce income. However, as I looked around ALL OF MY NEEDS WERE MET. And, they've been met for as far back as I can remember. And, will continue to be met. Whether I have 10 followers, 1k followers, or 100k followers. Because God has given us MORE THAN ENOUGH to impact.

When God called me to create The Savvy Servant back in 2015, I knew it was primarily ministry. I knew it was an assignment to help those who needed the information I have. Two years later, I visited a church where I knew NO ONE. The pastor prophesied over me and said that God had given me the ability to help position people to serve purpose. I had already known it. But, it was confirmed.

Therefore, this venture for me is already purposed, equipped and supplied with enough. It is sufficient. Because God gave it to me. And, God's grace is sufficient. There's nothing we need to stress for to get us to a place that we think we need to go. In other words, Oz ain't real. The enemy is a liar that we are not enough!!! WE ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH!!!!

These last few days have shifted my focus. In several ways. And, I'm taking it all in. I've been feasting on Matthew 6:33 (But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well), and I've been full.

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