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Standing for Something

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Wow!! This new #Nike ad campaign featuring former NFL player #ColinKaepernick is EVERYTHING!!! If you have been under a rock the past 24 hours, let me give you the gist of the phenomenon that's circulating throughout social media.

Apparently, Nike had never severed ties with now social activist Colin Kaepernick after he made the bold statement to kneel during the national anthem at one of his games. Even when the NFL (National Football League) and hundreds of thousands of NFL supporters ousted Kaepernick, Nike silently kept paying him via their endorsement deal.

In a bold move yesterday, Nike revealed their ongoing relationship with Kaepernick publicly in their new ad campaign commemorating their 30th anniversary. Along with a picture of Kaepernick, the slogan on the ad reads.... "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything."

If you've ever perused my website then you know I feature Kaepernick as one of my favorite savvy servants. I am in support of ALL he is doing to combat inequalities in the Black community---PEACEFULLY. I also know how it feels to sacrifice a career and money for something you feel so passionately about.

What's my stand......

Well, for those who haven't heard my story, in 2010 I left my good government job to fulfill a calling to provide cause-related marketing services to nonprofits. It's apparent that due to the lack of funding, most faith-based and community-based organizations do not receive the mass exposure to get their messages out. This has always pulled at my heartstrings.

So, when I heard the voice of God (YES, I HEARD HIM!!!) speak with instructions to leave my good government job to serve nonprofits I was shocked. I knew I had the gift of Administration, and talent, skill, and a formal education in marketing/public relations and in nonprofit management, but never did I think I would utilize all to the magnitude of entrepreneurship. At times, I did feel like there was something deeper I needed to be doing in my calling instead of working for the Feds. However, I was quite comfortable with my government job.

For the record, I loved my position as a program manager for the Federal government. I loved meeting the refugees that our funding provided assistance for to make their persecuted lives better. I loved traveling on the government's dime. I loved the people I worked with. And, I loved my almost 6-figure salary and bountiful benefits.

Unlike others, starting a new business wasn't glamorous for me. It was a lot of work, which caused me to tap into my life savings. In fact, after ONE year of being in full-time business I went flat broke. Although I was/am great at my craft, I wasn't good at running a business. Therefore, doing the business and managing the business burnt me out. I spent the entire 2013 crying while serving clients. It was a sacrifice because I felt so passionate about it. Even if it meant neglecting myself.

As a full-time entrepreneur I spent countless days working from home behind a laptop and a cell phone. Many days working in my pajamas----depressed. Yet, my clients, with my expertise, were being featured on CNN, HLN, BET, Forbes, Nightline, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, The Washington Post, USAToday, and many more national media platforms. With this type of coverage my clients' causes were able to receive enormous support. This fulfills me.

In 2014, I took on a $20 million nonprofit that was going through a major scandal. The nonprofit was located in North Carolina. I was sought for the task. And, with my expertise I was able to redevelop their board, revise their policies and procedures, manage the influx of media that came in on an hourly basis, and rebrand/rename the organization.

After traveling back and forth from Maryland to North Carolina for several months, I decided to get a second home in North Carolina. With this strategic transition, I felt like I could breathe again. However, after 18 months, the contract ended.

In 2015, after being in business full-time for five years, I decided to go back to work. I felt like I needed to get to know people face-to-face in my new city. I also felt like I needed to get a grip on better management of the business. Still pushing out my clients and their causes in the media, but not a full-time basis. And, definitely not as passionately. To be honest, the steady paycheck felt darn good. I selfishly became my priority.

Then, that nudge came again silently shouting.......HAVE YOU NEGLECTED YOUR POSITION IN SERVING PURPOSE????? In 2017, I jumped in my calling again, adding The Savvy Servant.

I imagine Kaepernick going through these same emotions. Feeling worn out, but still pushing (and carried at the same time) to make a difference. It's called standing for something, even when you feel like a failure. In my case, failing.

What are you standing for? Please feel free to comment.

“Now stand here and see the great thing the Lord is about to do." --1 Samuel 12:16

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