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This is My Season!

I came across this scripture on someone's Facebook page that read, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven...." Of course I've heard this scripture a couple hundred times over the course of my life, but reading it over the weekend caused me to dive into the book of Ecclesiastes where this scripture originates.

Just so you know, these past few days have been nothing short of a spiritual awakening for me. Next level stuff. Elevation indeed. Not material things or personal pursuits, but

truly listening to God and hearing HIS purpose for my life.

Sooooo.......after coming across that scripture I went seeking some wise counsel from God via the book of Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes was written by a scholar. Some believe it was King Solomon who wrote the book, others refute it. The thought of King Solomon penning this is such a great thought because, as you know, King Solomon was the wealthiest man to ever live on earth. Therefore, for him to write such a piece with self-introspection lessons that money cannot buy is phenomenal.

To summarize the book, Ecclesiastes provides wisdom for our humanness. As humans (believers and unbelievers) we are on this treadmill journey where we are striving to achieve ultimate success. I know, I know. This pursuit is the underlying message to a successful life that we ALL have bought into. However, while we are on this goose chase of a ride, or as I like to call it.....the yellow brick road, we are overlooking and discarding the simple pleasures of daily life. A lot of us are trying to build meaning and purpose in life apart from God's perfect will, and investing in pursuits and things that have no lasting meaning,

I'm guilty.

Sometimes I'm so wrapped up in the might of my own physical ability and mindset, like seeking ways to improve my business or my lifestyle, and trying new keto recipes to get my body right, that I forget to feed my spirit. Yessss, I listen to my worship music and attend church. I also reach scripture and pray, daily.

But, is that enough?

Is that enough to nourish the spirit?

I don't know about you, but I've been wrestling with God for a long time. Trying to understand why my "purposeful pursuit" is not manifesting into global greatness. But, after reading Ecclesiastes with understanding, I found the answer.

Simply stated, God has ordered all things. God controls all things. And, in order for us to experience the life that we are striving for we have to come into agreement with God. We have to align with God's perfect will. We can truly live a good life when we fear God and follow His wisdom. This is the core message from Ecclesiastes.

This means that we have to accept that if God does not have us serving purpose in Africa or falling in love with the man/woman of our's truly because He says NO! And, no could mean, not yet or never.

We have to also accept that our composition is made up of mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, if we neglect our spiritual well-being (God's instructions) we discard the compass that guides us through this human experience.

So, as humans how do we get into alignment with God?

1. Accept our humanness as it is shaped by God's design. This means that that ongoing, agonizing pursuit to try to change for acceptance.....let it go!

2. Enjoy the life we have been given as fully as we can. Take time to enjoy EVERY SEASON---the good months and bad months, the up months and down months. Seasons do change as stated in Ecclesiastes.

3. Stop being troubled by unrealistic goals and understand our true capabilities as a human. What does it really profit us to have a Beyonce body at 50 years old?

4. Be mindful of our actions by checking to see if they align with God's will. We do this by searching the Word. And, just so you know.....the heart is deceitful, therefore be careful following it.

5. Fear God, which starts with truly believing that He IS. And, then, worship Him and build a personal relationship with Him by seeking the Bible to understand His plan for our lives, as well as communicating with Him through prayer.

As I give these instructions to you, I'm receiving them. Also, I'm slowing accepting that a great part of worship and pleasing God is sitting down at His feet, which means enjoying the life he designed for me. The quiet days. And, the days when my family has me on demand just because they want to spend time with me. And, the weeks when I'm stuck in eating the wrong things. I'm accepting it all. I'm accepting me. As God designed me.

My prayer is that He gives me peace and acceptance in this season, and in every season of my life. And, I pray this for you, too.

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