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Jill M. Morris,  Nonprofit Development Expert

Steve Harvey (actor, comedian, TV host, radio host, and author) annual earnings total to about $50 million (his net worth is $220 million).  Each year, the IRS allows Steve to contribute up to 30% of his earnings to charitable causes without having to pay taxes on those earnings.  Steve chooses to contribute to his own charity, The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation.  Of that 30 percent that Steve contributes to his private foundation, the IRS only requires him to use a small portion of it for charitable activities---but we all know that Steve does a lot to impact people for the better.  So, what happens to the rest of the contributions to his private foundation? 


It sits and grows!!!

You do not need to be a millionaire to start a private foundation.  YOU JUST NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DO IT!


If you are ready to start creating generational wealth......


But, it gets even can also raise outside funds from other individuals!!!!


SESSION 1 - Wealth Building (1:56 hrs.)

SESSION 2 - Legacy Building (2:28 hrs.)

  • Life Plan (tool)

  • Founder's Legacy (tool)

  • Bylaws (tool)

  • Program Planner (tool)



How to Start Your Private Foundation

for Generational Wealth

Pre-Recorded Ecourse

Client Testimonials


"We were referred to Jill in 2012.  We had a vision to give back to pregnant teens and young moms since we were both young, single moms at one time.  At the initial meeting Jill explained her approach in turning an idea into an actionable mission.  She taught us how to strategically plan and execute creating our brand, developing a kick-butt board, developing unique programs that are needed in the area we wanted to serve, establishing lucrative partnerships, and securing funding.  Shortly after we formed our nonprofit we applied and received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, which allowed us to establish a partnership with Fairfax County Public Schools.  Since our launch almost 10 years ago our nonprofit, Lean On Us Unity, has spiraled into a multi-million dollar empire.  In addition to all of the things we are still gleaning from Jill, we are a well-established venture that started with an IDEA.  Jill is the best out there when it comes to developing nonprofits!!"  

--Priscilla Ofosu, Co-Founder/Executive Director, Lean On Us Unity


"As a young, single mom it is imperative that I set an example for my son.  I got my education, secured a career, building a digital business, purchasing my first home, and now creating a legacy of giving back that will pass down to my son's grandkids.  It's more than about building wealth for me.  It's being a positive influence on my son and instilling core values in him, so that he does not have to look outside of our home for inspiration and validation. THANK YOU JILL! Easy, breezy instructions."    

-- Gernae Adele, Founder, Gernae Adele Show

black equity network.jpg

"Wow, Jill is dropping gems about wealth building through philanthropy!" 

--DJ,  Founder, Black Equity Network

Meet Jill M. Morris, Your Instructor

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Jill Morris is a PURPOSEPRENEUR with a moral compass.  With over 25 years of experience as a public relations practitioner in the public sector, Jill has managed communication projects from every aspect of the nonprofit industry---from grassroots organizations and professional associations to higher education and the Federal government.  This multi-faceted experience has positioned Jill as an expert in cause-related marketing and nonprofit development and management.  In her role as principal of The Savvy Servant LLC, Jill provides nonprofit business consulting for servant leaders and visionaries who are on missions to change communities and transform lives.

Prior to starting her consulting business Jill served as a program manager for the Administration for Children and Families within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in Washington, DC.  As a program manager, Jill developed a multi-million-dollar family enrichment program under a new Healthy Families initiative that included, but was not limited to, drafting policies and procedures, providing management and oversight to nonprofit grantees funded under the program, and representing the program at hearings on Capitol Hill. Jill also served as a grant proposal panel reviewer and facilitator making recommendations to approve/decline grant funding requests for various programs in the department.​​​​​​

Over the years, in addition to managing nonprofit projects under the Federal government, Jill has held public relations positions at some of the nation’s most relied upon nonprofit organizations including the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), The TLPJ Foundation, and; The Kennedy Foundation where she served as special assistant/press secretary to the late Honorable Eunice Kennedy Shriver.  

Jill holds a Master of Science in Administration (M.S.A.) degree with a focus on Nonprofit Management from Trinity University and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Communication/Public Relations from Bowie State University.

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