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Client Spotlight


In 2014, Pamela Sealy, Co-Founder of Ru'Day Helping Hands, was referred to me to help her and her mom start a nonprofit.  They knew exactly what they wanted to do, but was unsure of how to get started, manage it, and attract support.  Both mom and daughter were eager to help the homeless in Montgomery County, MD.  The challenge was that they had recently relocated the Maryland from New York and were not familiar with the area.  I assured them that I could help.

We got started immediately.  

First order of business.......RESEARCH THE AREA!!!  

As they suspected, homelessness and poverty were on the rise in Montgomery County.  Knowing this, they had good leverage to build a lucrative nonprofit.  

For six weeks, we had one-on-one consultations in which I provided them with my PROVEN strategies in building a lucrative nonprofit with the capacity to grow.  I held their hands as they implemented tasks week-by-week.  They started their nonprofit with one (1) program, a cookout for the homeless, which landed them coverage on Fox 5 News.  From there, they added programs as the needs were identified.  

The founders of Ru'Day thank me often for helping them build their nonprofit---a dream and a legacy for their family.  At times, they said they felt personally challenged and pushed out of their comfort zones, but said it was what they needed to birth their vision.  

Today, Ru'Day Helping Hands is a pillar in the community serving the homeless population.  The program has grown from their anticipated annual cookout for the homeless, to food trucks, a hygiene distribution program, and a clothing drive program.   Pamela Sealy and her mom are savvy servant leaders who are making an impact in Maryland.  


Meet Jill M. Morris, M.S.A.

Jill Morris, aka The Savvy Servant, is a SOCIALPRENEUR with a moral compass.  With over 20 years of experience as a public relations practitioner in the public sector, Jill has managed communication projects from every aspect of the nonprofit industry---from grassroots organizations and professional associations to higher education and the Federal government.  This multi-faceted experience has positioned Jill as an expert in cause-related marketing and nonprofit management. 


Prior to entrepreneurship, Jill served as a program manager for the Administration for Children and Families within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in Washington, DC.  As a program 

manager, Jill developed a multi-million-dollar family enrichment program under a then new Healthy Families initiative that included, but was not limited to, drafting policies and procedures, providing management and oversight to grantees funded under the program, and representing the program at hearings on Capitol Hill. Jill also served as a grant proposal panel reviewer and facilitator making recommendations to approve/decline grant funding requests for various programs in the department.​​​​​​

Jill holds a Master of Science in Administration (M.S.A.) degree with a focus on Nonprofit Management from Trinity University and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Communication/Public Relations from Bowie State University.  Jill also remains active in the community by serving as Board Advisor for several community initiatives and is the founder of the NC Triangle Nonprofit Society.   

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